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A Great Option

Most families love pizza. It’s a great option when you are in a hurry, not sure what to have, or just aren’t in the mood to cook. Some families have their favorite go-to places. Some are based on location, and others like to venture out to try new establishments. When searching for a pizza restaurant in Boise, most people consider the following categories. 


New to town? Search for pizza places near you. See if they offer online ordering, delivery, or takeout. Receiving your pizza within a reasonable amount of time is key for the best-tasting pizza. So, if you can pick up the pizza and be back home without taking too long, -it’s a win!


Places that only offer pizza seem a bit too limiting to us! Options are key, and a more diverse menu is always appreciated. Salads, gluten-free, and veggie-only pizzas might be important to your family. And how about more than just the usual beverages? A better selection, including wine and beer, might be the perfect addition. Check out your pizzeria’s menu and make sure they can fully accommodate your family’s needs before you make a decision.

Ask away!

Is the pizza usually delivered on time? Is the service quick? Is the pizza tasty? Is the cheese real? Is the dough made fresh daily? What about the sauce and produce? Frozen or jarred ingredients are sub-par. Don’t be afraid to ask your server or manager how fresh the food is at your favorite pizza place. You can also ask about the friendliness of the staff and the menu choices.


Pizza reviews are readily available from restaurants online anywhere. Ultimately, you are the best judge of a place. However, a bunch of recent negative reviews should be taken seriously. This is especially important if customers are complaining about freshness and cleanliness. Any place can get a poor review sometimes. It’s important to consider the types of complaints, consistency, and how recently they occurred.


No one wants to deal with a parking problem- whether you are doing a quick take-out or sit-down. Be prepared if you venture to a place with inadequate parking. 

The Best Pizza Places in Boise

Not all pizza places in Boise are the same. If you’re looking for a great deal, check out the menu options, prices, and locations of local establishments. With a little homework, you will find the perfect pizza place in no time.

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