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Wiseguy Pizza Party Planning 101

What does Wiseguy like more than a party? A pizza party of course! And it turns out he knows a couple of things about throwing one. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when pulling together a pizza party! 


Whether it’s for friends, family, or coworkers, consider taking the party to an offsite location. If it’s a gathering for coworkers, consider combining it with a fun activity -like an escape room or bowling. Activities are a perfect way for people to shake off that work vibe and interact a bit more casually. Depending on where you live, you may have more options. And remember, we’re always happy to host your get-together- right here at our Boise or Hailey locations! 

While Wiseguy can appreciate a great location, sometimes nothing is better than your own home with your friends and family. Jazz it up a little by having a theme and maybe playing a popular game. Wiseguy loves a good Hawaiian shirt or a 70s party. He rocks bell bottoms!


Choose the right time of day based on the ages of your guests. Younger children do better earlier in the day (as do senior Wiseguys). Whereas the younger adults are good with staying up later, and often appreciate an adult beverage or two with their pie. 

Invite your peeps

Get those invites sent with plenty of notice. Wiseguy isn’t big on writing out invites so he likes to use an app that sends text invites right to his friends and family. Getting a headcount for pizza parties is key, and this is an easy way for people to RSVP. Be sure to check for any food allergies at this time. The sooner you have your attendees, the sooner you can let Wiseguy Pizza Pie know your order. We love a heads-up for all pizza party orders. 

What to serve

Well, pizza of course! We’ll help you figure out how much, but don’t forget- Wiseguy Pizza Pie also has salads, wings, cheese sticks, and garlic knots. We also have some great options for gluten-free and vegetarian folks. 

So… the pizzas. Picky eaters (aka kids) are usually easy to please with a cheese pizza. Other simple ingredients like pepperoni are also a popular go-to. This can also be a great opportunity to introduce guests to a couple of your favorite Wiseguy Pizza Pies. Sometimes people just need to try something different to know they like it. What better way than at a Wiseguy Pizza Pie party? The BBQ Bird or Fat Guy pizza might be great intros to something different. 

Add on some drinks, a little dessert, and we’ll do the rest. See you soon!


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