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Leftover pizza. Sigh… you gave it all you had but you couldn’t finish the ginormous Wiseguy pizza you ordered last night. But today, as you peer into the refrigerator contemplating finishing it off, you might wonder- how can you get it to taste as fabulous as it did right out of the stone deck oven? Wiseguy has some ways you can get a great reheated slice of pizza right at home. 

Better ways

Many of us have been in a hurry and turned to the trusty ol’ microwave reheat method. This usually results in a soggy sad slice of something that doesn’t resemble anything from the night before. But what if Wiseguy told you there are better methods with more appetizing results?


The preferred method. Start with a medium-low heat setting. Next, place a couple of drops of water into the pan away from the pizza. Reduce the heat to low and cover. Many folks swear by the cast iron skillet as the best tool for reheating pizza- just be sure to lightly coat it with olive oil first. While the pan method is a little slower than the microwave, it is so worth it. 


Preheat to 350 degrees and bake on a cookie sheet (or piece of tinfoil) or directly on the rack for 5 minutes. Or, for a crisper crust bake at 450 degrees for 5 minutes. 

Outdoor Grill/Griddle

This method is a bit more unique, -and it can add some flavor back to whatever the refrigerator robbed from your pizza overnight. Use medium-high heat and check it every couple of minutes. Another method people have tried with some success is placing the pizza in foil and positioning it on the BBQ. This will heat your Wiseguy pizza thoroughly and quite quickly -and you can get a crisper crust if needed by finishing it off directly on the grill. 

Micro- no way!

This makes Wiseguy a bit sad, but if you must use this method, here are a few tips. Adjust your cooking power to around 50-70%. At least anything other than 100%. Place a paper towel on a plate and then a piece of pizza on the paper towel. This will absorb any moisture/grease produced during heating. Yes, pizza is a popular food often reheated in the microwave. So much so that many now include a pizza button/setting. Use it!

Fresh is always best, so stop by Wiseguy Pizza Pie. Our stone deck pizzas are so good you might not be bringing any home. But just in case – you’ve got it covered!

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