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The holidays are here! 

From hosting parties to having more family around this busy season, pizza can be a necessary go-to during the rush of the holidays. And, sometimes, just giving someone the night off from cooking can be a gift in itself! 


Many people have made Wise Guy Pizza Pie a yearly tradition- Showing up at Friendsgivings and on Christmas Eve, our pizzas are now a tradition for many Idaho families and holiday celebrations. It warms Wiseguy’s heart.

Put a little Pizzaz in that Potluck

Want to really wow them at this year’s potluck? Bring a pizza from Wiseguy Pizza Pie! No more boring chips and dips, veggie platters, and Bundt cakes Karen. Bring them what they really want! Stick with a staple pepperoni- or jazz it up! Bring a Metro Guy and a Vegetablarian- just so you have everyone covered!

Day 3 of Winter Break- The kids are bored

How about a fun activity for the kids? Pick up some pizza dough and have them make some fun holiday shaped pizzas. A snowman, candy canes, a Christmas tree, a wreath? So many creative possibilities! Send us a picture of your creations- we’d love to see them. And no, we don’t care if they are Pinterest worthy- even the worst ones can be the best ones!

Dessert pizzas!

These are fun creations this time of year. Baked personal-sized pizza crusts make the perfect toppers. Use caramel, chocolate or whipped cream, white chocolate, or even peanut butter for your sauce. Top with fruit, brownie pieces, and candies, -the possibilities are endless and everyone has a fun time coming up with crazy combinations. Hmm… what would the Grinch like? 

Don’t Forget the Big Guy

Wiseguy leaves a slice out for Santa every year. We like to think his fave is probably the Fat Guy.  But we could be wrong- maybe he’s more of a Fun Guy pizza type… No matter how you celebrate this year, thank you for making Wiseguy Pizza Pie part of your family celebrations all year!

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