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Did you know that 60% of U.S. consumers order take-out or delivery at least once per week?

It makes sense since ordering delivery is the perfect solution for when you want food from your favorite restaurant but don’t have the energy or time to go out.

Living in Boise, there are a ton of places to order food delivery! Keep reading to learn more about the best places for food delivery in Boise.

Wise Guy Pizza Pie

One of the best places in Boise, Idaho that you can choose for your pizza delivery needs is Wiseguy Pizza Pie.

Whether you feel like ordering and eating an entire pizza pie or just want to nibble at a salad and some buffalo wings, these guys have you covered!

Are you feeling a bit sad and want to stay in? Try out the “Sad Guy” pizza pie with gorgonzola, bacon, meatballs, and onions. You won’t be sad anymore – that’s for sure!

Guru Donuts

A bit less on the side of ordering for dinner, but more so as a midday snack or for tomorrow’s breakfast, Guru Donuts is the perfect delivery place to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

You can order their monthly special box which will give you all of the new donut flavors in one box. There’s also a vegan box or a fan favorites box to get all of the classics!

Hungry for more than a donut? That’s not a problem since they also deliver avocado toast, a turkey panini, or a breakfast sandwich. You will for sure have leftovers for the next day if you order the best of the best from Guru Donuts.

And you won’t want to share.

Bombay Grill

Bombay Grill is rated as the number 16 restaurant out of more than 500 in Boise, Idaho. If you’re in the mood for Indian Cuisine, you won’t get much better than Bombay Grill.

Pair a soup and a salad as an appetizer, and then try out chicken, lamb, shrimp, fish, or vegetarian specialties. There are also delicious Tandoori specialties.

Does that not sound appealing enough? Bombay Grill also has its own homemade loaves of bread.

Mai Thai Restaurant

What’s a night in without toying with the idea of ordering Thai food? What is even better than toying with the idea is actually ordering the Thai food! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Located right on Idaho St. in Boise, if you don’t feel like going into the quaint and hip atmosphere of the restaurant, you could order delivery just as easily!

Choose from the vegan, sushi, or regular dinner menu for a variety of options. Fill yourself up with edamame and delicious potstickers as appetizers. But don’t stop there!

Enjoy cashew chicken or pineapple fried rice as your main dish. Maybe even get both if you’re really feeling the Thai mood! And of course, if you want an iconic Thai meal, you can order the Pad Thai.

10 Barrel Brewing

Imagine brewery food but in the comfort of your own home. That’s what 10 Barrel Brewing gives you since they offer the option of delivery.

The most popular options you need to know about and order (at least once off of the menu) are as follows:

  • Steak “Not Just” Nachos
  • 10 Barrel Burger
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts
  • Fried Chicken Sando
  • Fish and chips
  • Farro and Charred Kale

As you can see, there are both unhealthy and healthy options here. So whatever you’re feeling when you’re about to order, they’ll have it!


If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant that offers more entrees than just pizza, look no further than Luciano’s. They are the top Italian restaurant in all of Boise, Idaho so if this is what you’re feeling, you’ll be getting the best here!

Every single one of their dishes is made from scratch (and love). You’ll be getting the best ingredients in these dishes, and you’ll be able to taste the freshness.

Try out the baked brie and calamari as appetizers. Get a cup of lobster bisque. Choose between a specialty pizza like a white sauce pizza with potatoes or choose a chicken, beef or pork, vegetarian, or seafood pasta.

Whichever meal you choose, you will be wanting more in just a couple of hours!


If the name alone has not already made you stop scrolling to see what it’s all about, this will: It’s brunch all day.

You heard that right! BACON offers delivery for brunch ALL day! Whether eggs are your breakfast style or going with sweets and biscuits is what satisfies your brunch craving, BACON has it all.

A few things that caught our eye:

  • Bacon Burger
  • Bacon and Brie Panini
  • Oink-less wrap
  • The MAC

Our stomachs are growling just thinking about these meals. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

Enjoy bacon shots with multiple types of bacon (candied, maple, etc.) with your meal, too! Or make it boozy and add a bacon bloody marry to your cart, too.

Stop Reading and Order Food Delivery in Boise

If you’re looking for food delivery in Boise, Idaho, you’ve found the best places to order takeout!

Whether you are in the mood for Thai cuisine, Indian spices, a mouthwatering pizza, or the best wings in town, there’s a place for you to go to for food delivery!

If we can tempt you with a pizza delivery for the night, go check out our menu and order your meal online! Your belly is begging.

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