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Idaho is the second-fastest growing state in the country, with a 17.3% population increase within the past 10 years. A majority of these movers are from California, Washington, and Oregon, and most are interested in the Boise area. 

This capital city has experienced a 14.6% growth spurt between the years 2010 and 2020.

We can’t blame these new residents, as our lovely capital is home to beautiful city scenery, plenty of activities, and dare we say the best Boise lunch spot. 

We at Wiseguy Pizza Pie consider ourselves the best for more than just our delicious menu options. We take pride in our fair pricing and local ingredient sourcing as well. 

People are moving to Boise for the ambiance, but staying for our menu. Read on to get a slice of the action.

Something for Everyone

We are a pizza restaurant, and we believe that pizza builds community. We don’t want anyone feeling left out of the conversation; therefore, we have a variety of menu options depending on your style of eating. 

We have cauliflower crust for those gluten-freers out there, and we promise it’s not at an outrageous cost. We don’t find it fair for an intolerance to be taken advantage of, price-wise. The same goes for our dairy-free mozzarella—we just want our customers to enjoy their pizza, however it is made!

Maybe you had pizza last night, so you’re thinking of something different for lunch today. We have plenty of other options and are quite proud of being one of the best places to get wings in Idaho. Bone-in or boneless, we don’t ask questions—other than “ranch or bleu cheese on the side?”

And don’t even get us started on the garlic knots.

If you had a heavier breakfast today and want to keep it on the lighter side. Our salad options are expertly walking that line between healthy and tasty; we aim to make our salads a part of the Wiseguy craving. We pack our bowls to the rim with fresh ingredients and delicious dressings. 

All About Local

Irresponsible and unsustainable ingredient sourcing? Fuggedaboutit! We’re not named Wiseguy Pizza Pie just for the rhyme. 

Our purchases are made with the intent of supporting our local business partners and keeping money within the community. And believe it or not, local doesn’t always mean expensive. We price our items fairly in order to offer the best quality food to anyone’s budget. 

The less transport necessary for ingredients, the better. 

Our pies are local from top to bottom. The whole-milk mozzarella is from Jerome, ID, and our dough is made with Pendleton Power Flour, whose grain production is dependent on Pocatello Idaho farms. Blackfoot, ID, homes the Pendleton Flour Mill, so our grains never venture beyond the Idaho state lines. 

Need something to wash it down? There are a variety of local brews on draft as well. If beer isn’t doing the trick, take a peek at our wine selection! We wish we could offer free refills on these, but that luxury is reserved for our soda machine.

We make our crusts and sauces daily for freshness you can taste. We also use an old-school stone deck that stays at a minimum of 550 degrees for the perfect bake.

We might not be based in New York, but our hand-tossed style and face-size slices will introduce you to a new concrete jungle in Boise.

Anywhere and Anytime

Within our business hours, of course. We have three locations in Idaho: Boise, Hailey, and Ketchum. If you’re living near any of these areas, feel free to get our food delivered to you!

We get it, on certain days, you just want to stay in pajamas and sink into your couch. While we will miss you at our shop, we refuse to gatekeep our pizza! We even have an online ordering system so you don’t have to practice your order three times in the mirror before calling. 

Get Your Boise Lunch On

On the hunt for a good deal? We’ve got you covered here at Wiseguy. With daily lunch specials that leave you wanting more, we’ll keep you on your toes. 

We love to experiment with our pizza and mix interesting flavors together. If you take a peek at our Instagram page, you might notice some oddities in our topping selection. Where else can you find lemon slices or kettle potato chips on a pizza pie? We know it sounds weird, but all the best foods are. 

Since Boise is the up-and-coming city to move to right now, we’ve got to keep up with our newest residents’ food preferences. Are you used to sandy beaches, sunlight, and… seagulls? Our Dirty Bird pie could be up your alley!

Or maybe you’re not much of a nature-lover. Try yourself a slice of Metro Guy. 

We’ve got some comfort foods, too; life got you down and you just want someone to empathize? Maybe pairing one of our draft beers with the Sad Guy pie would turn that frown upside-down. 

All jokes aside, we pride ourselves on unique creations that you can’t find anywhere else. We have amazing chefs and friendly faces to greet you, your friends, and your family. Once you step foot through our doors, you’ll feel at home.

Cheese the Day

Taste buds are meant to be tested, and lunch is the perfect time for a flavorful pick-me-up. Your creation is our honor. There’s no judgment here, as opposed to all those pineapple-on-pizza haters. Be bold and find the perfect Boise lunch for you.

So, be a wise guy and try out our pizza pie.

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