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Dinner time is nearing and you and the rest of your household are getting hungry. Whether it’s time for a family meal or you’re hosting a house party, you know that you need to fill those grumbling stomachs fast

You haven’t prepared dinner and the idea of cooking right now seems like a chore. Between standard executive dysfunction and a lack of time, sometimes putting dinner on the table is a struggle.

Why not get Idaho pizza delivery instead? 

Sure, having a pizza delivered isn’t for every day, but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t treat yourself every now and again. Not convinced? Let’s talk about it.

Keep reading to learn why you should start searching for “pizza delivery for me” for your next meal.

1. It Saves You Time

Let’s face it: cooking takes a while. Even if you’re making a quick meal, you’re on your way to ramen or macaroni and cheese (or worse: leftovers) if you don’t want to waste too much time in the kitchen.

Why bother spending time cooking when you’re already tired or busy? Whether you’re spending time with your family, taking care of other responsibilities around the house, studying, or hosting a party, you don’t have the time to watch your food on the stove.

Some people struggle to cook after long nights at work. Instead of throwing some bland pasta onto the table, why not order a pizza that will be home when you get there? 

You deserve a day off from cooking, so take it. 

2. It’s Affordable

Sure, pizza is more expensive than your standard meals, but if your cupboards are looking sparse it’s a good bit cheaper than your next grocery visit. And again, on the topic of time, who wants to go to the grocery store when it’s already dinner time? Everyone knows that you’ll buy more food (especially junk food) when you’re already hungry

Cheap pizza delivery is cost-effective, especially if you have a lot of people over that can chip in. Just make sure that you give the driver a pizza delivery tip for their work!

3. It Will Please Everyone

Pizza is great because you can please an entire crowd with ease.

When you order a pizza, ask everyone about their favorite ingredients. If you can’t agree on something, consider going half and half or ordering several pizzas.

When you have a large group of people it’s a good idea to order at least one plain cheese pizza, one veggies-only pizza, and one meat pizza. 

Modern pizza shops also offer pizza options that suit dietary restrictions. Consider ordering a gluten-free pizza and a vegan pizza (with dairy-free cheese) so all of your guests can enjoy a slice or two. 

No one has ever been unhappy with a slice of pizza. Making a meal that can suit everyone, however, is not as easy. 

4. You Can Stay Home

So why not order a pizza and grab it as a to-go order?

Sure, ordering a pizza to go is great for when you’re coming back home or bringing it to work on your way in, but unless you’re only minutes from the pizza shop, it’s a hassle. 

When you’re taking care of kids, hosting a party, or even trying to get things done around the house, do you really want to stop what you’re doing to drive over to pick it up? 

No way. Order it for delivery instead. 

5. It Stays Hot, Safe, and Crispy

Speaking of offering a pizza to-go, have you ever had this problem? Your pizza is hot and fresh when you get into your car but by the time you’re at home, it’s feeling a bit cold and soft. 

Again, unless you’re right next to the pizza shop (or you happen to have a heat-retaining pizza bag; convenient), your pizza is going to lose heat and crispiness on the drive home. 

Your pizza may befall and even worse fate on the drive home. You could ruin it completely. One pothole and your pizza are bent out of shape and the cheese is stuck to the top of the box.

Avoid this tragedy by ordering delivery instead. 

6. You’ll Get Tasty Leftovers

Everyone knows that no one finishes a pizza. There’s always at least one lonely piece leftover unless your family or friends were ravenous. Don’t waste it!

After the meal is over you get to put that pizza in the refrigerator and save it for later. It can be a secret midnight snack, tomorrow’s lunch, or even breakfast. Take it from us: there’s something special about eating cold pizza for breakfast, straight from the fridge

7. The Obvious Answer: It Tastes Good

The most obvious reason to order a pizza is that it tastes good. Your favorite at-home meals are delicious, but you deserve a tasty and cheesy treat that you don’t have to cook on your own.

Order all of your favorite toppings, load up on cheese and grab a few sweet drinks while you’re at it. This isn’t a meal for every day, but it’s a tasty option for when you just want to load up on carbs without making an effort. 

Order Idaho Pizza Delivery Tonight

With all of this in mind, why wouldn’t you order Idaho pizza delivery? You deserve to sit back and relax while someone else cooks and delivers your meal. 

Make your next dinner great for your entire household or party and order all of your favorite toppings. You deserve a cheesy treat tonight.

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