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Through the ages

Stone pizza ovens have been cooking food for thousands of years. And while they began as enormous woodfired ovens in Italy, today’s pizza makers use more modern-day pie-producing marvels. 

Worth their weight

While some remain wood burning, others are electric, gas, and coal-fired, and even hybrid versions that allow the chef to switch between wood-fired and gas. While not as large as their ancestors, they can still be found lined with stones or fire bricks. There are even ones with steam injection built-in. So fancy! 

Why we use stone deck ovens

At Wiseguy Pizza Pie we are all about the stone deck ovens (aka hearth deck ovens) as they most closely resemble a cooking surface like a woodfired pizza oven. The heat is nice and even, producing a New York-style pizza with an authentic taste and texture after being cooked on stone. Wiseguy doesn’t like hot spots and stone decks avoid them by cooking with a consistent temperature throughout. 

We like it hot, hot, hot!

To achieve the perfect texture very high heat is required. Our Wiseguy pizza dough loves a high temp oven- somewhere between 500 and 700 degrees is ideal. Too low of a temp will result in a dried-out flat crust. This makes Wiseguy very sad- so the hotter the better!

The anticipation

Nothing better than being served up a fresh hot pizza right out of the oven. The best part? These ovens get the job done in 10 minutes or less! What does that mean for you? -less waiting, more eating.

The sciencey-stuff

As soon as Wiseguy slides the pizza onto the stone deck the magic begins. First, the stone allows the steam to escape through the dough as it cooks. The surface absorbs the water and oils making the bottom of the pie crispier instead of soggy. Next, with the escaped steam circulating throughout the oven, the outer surface doesn’t cook too quickly- a nice aeration keeps it more… moist (yes, we used a cringe word). Perhaps delightfully airy? You get the idea…

What you already know

No matter how great the oven is, it comes down to quality ingredients. We only use the best, freshest, and locally sourced (whenever possible) at Wiseguy Pizza Pie. When you put all of that into one of our great ovens – found at all 3 of our locations, you know you’ll get a great-tasting pie every time. 

You can find our stone-fired pizzas at:

  • 570 Main Street Boise, Idaho 83702
  • 411 North Main Street Hailey, Idaho 83333
  • 406 Sun Valley Road Ketchum, Idaho 83340





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