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Mmmmm Pizza Crust

I mean, what would a pizza be without it? It truly is the foundation for every type of pizza there is. And just as pizzas all have their unique toppings and flavors, diners often have strong preferences when it comes to what’s holding up all their favorite ingredients.

Everyone has a fave

It’s in the water?

Here at Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we lean more toward the New York style which is thinner. We use Pendleton Flour, milled in Blackfoot, Idaho. We stretch the dough to the limits of our pizza stone giving it a crunchy, doughy edge, -while still being able to withstand a fair amount of toppings. Some pizza makers like a bit of sugar in their thin crusts- giving it a sweeter taste and a little caramelization. Baking the crust in a stone oven (like we do at Wiseguy) also gives it a unique flavor. And just as some New Yorkers claim their water is key to their amazing pies, we like to think its the combo of the fabulous flour and the Sun Valley water that gives our pizzas an extra special somethin’.


A thin cracker crust is probably just what you would think it would be like- seriously crunchy. Can’t stand crunchy foods in your mouth? Probably better to steer clear of this version. But if you like a cracker-like texture, with a decent amount of sauce and toppings, -it might be for you.

Stuff it real good

Cheese lovers rejoice! The stuffed cheese version encapsulates (big word) mozzarella cheese by rolling the dough around it. It’s often glazed with garlic and herbs. One bite and you’ve got a mouthful of ooey gooey deliciousness.

Nibblers delight

Flatbread is a light and airy, thin-style pizza crust, often served in small bite-size slices- like an appetizer. Wiseguy (yawn) finds it a bit boring … But to each their own!

The star of the show

Thick crust pizzas can be up to ½ inch in thickness. These are typically baked in a pan to retain its shape allowing for extra sauce and toppings. It’s more of a forkful than a handful kind of thing.

Pizza personality plus

Every crust also takes on its own texture and integrity. No matter the thickness, some can be supple and floppy, and others more dense and crunchy. Its integrity depends on how well it can hold ingredients- and some thinner styles are surprisingly heavy lifters.

On the rise

Gluten-free crust is made from some type of gluten-free flour- usually almond, or a mixture of white and brown rice flour.
Cauliflower, broccoli, and even hemp crusts are other gluten-free types of crusts and are popular among vegans.
At Wiseguy we get the GF and Vegan thing! We offer a fabulous gluten-free crust along with a Vegetablarian pizza (another big word and yes, we made it up). Or make your own with the veggies of your choice.
We also know that some of you prefer to take some of those “pizza bones” home with you for Rover. FYI-he said he only likes the ones from Wiseguy.

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