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Name 6 things that make Wiseguy Pizza Pie so great in 20 seconds- GO!

1-Authentic pies

Love New York-style pizza but don’t think you can find it in Idaho? Think again! We honor the authentic style with a hand-tossed, thin crust and nice wide slices. 

2-Best ingredients

Locally sourced flour and whole milk mozzarella, tomato sauce made daily, and fresh toppings. What more do you need?

3-Stone-deck ovens

A long-time staple in the pizza world, these ovens are reliable go-tos for producing a high-quality pie quickly with a unique flavor.

4-Easy eats

Sandwiches, burgers, and chicken wings are always on the menu at Wiseguy Pizza Pie. We like to offer a bit of diversity we know our customers appreciate. 

5-Veggies and GF options

Once in a while, you just feel like some greenery is what your diet needs. We get that! We also know some people require a gluten-free option too. At Wiseguy we offer selections for everyone in your group. No one goes hungry at Wiseguy Pizza Pie!

6-Local craft brews and wine

We like to have a diverse selection of beers on tap to satisfy all types of folks. From light traditional beers to more hoppy varieties- we’ve got you covered. Even the wine drinkers will be happy at Wise Guy Pizza Pie! Check out our Boise beer and wine menu and our Hailey beer and wine menu.

At Wiseguy we strive to offer a great menu with quality ingredients that bring customers back time and time again. Whether you are a local, or it’s your first time visiting Idaho, we hope you will visit all 3 of our Idaho Wiseguy Pizza Pie locations. Making pizza is our passion -and pleasing people is kinda our pastime. Stop by to find out for yourself what makes us so great!

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