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Wiseguy-Fun pizza facts

Wiseguy likes a little pizza trivia and maybe you do too? It does help to know a thing or two about the topic when you are the wisest Wiseguy.

People’s preferences

Pepperoni is America’s favorite topping and the least fave is anchovies. That’s why at Wiseguy Pizza Pie you will find pepperoni on a few of our pies- and if you don’t you can add them! Sorry, no anchovies here but it sounds like that’s probably ok!

Turns out most folks (60%+) prefer a thinner crust. Good news! We’ve got an authentic New York-style thin crust just waiting for you at Wiseguy. 

Hungry much?

Every second in America 350 slices are consumed (National Association of Pizza operators). That is 100 acres of pizza every day! Americans are also ordering one pizza at least once a month. Have you ordered your Wiseguy Pizza this month? You can call or submit your order online– easy peasy. 

With all that pizza ordering going on it’s nice to know it contributes to a $37 billion industry. 54 percent of the 73,000 + pizza stores nationwide are independently owned and operated. The industry also contributes to nearly 1 million jobs (the American Pizza Community) through hourly employees, supply vendors, and local store owners and operators, -and yes even delivery drivers. Looking for a job? Drop by or submit this super easy form.

Speaking of which 

Did you know actors Bill Murray and Jean Claude Van Damme both worked at pizza restaurants and as delivery drivers?

Let the Games Begin!

Football season is a popular time to order pizzas and have them delivered! Especially on Super Bowl Sunday, NBA finals, and other top sporting events that bring in a crowd. For all of your get-togethers, submit your orders in advance here

Would you believe dough-spinning has a professional-level sporting event? At the World Pizza Championships, spinners compete against the best in five events – Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing, Fastest Dough, Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pizza Box Folding, and the Pizza Triathlon. Even a master’s division of the Freestyle Acrobatic Dough Tossing is taken quite seriously. 

The good stuff

In an average slice of pizza, there is a whopping 25% of protein (USDA), and tomato sauce is high in flavonoids which are good for fighting things like inflammation. Winning!

The not so good but getting better…

Totino’s was the first frozen pizza available in grocery stores in 1962. Luckily even take-and-bakes have also come a long way. Did you know you can get a half-baked pie at Wiseguy? Yep! Give us a call or visit

Records set

In 2006 Cristian Dumitru of Romania ate 200 pounds of pizza in one week. Wiseguy is starting to get some ideas -between this and the dough-tossing competitions…

The world’s largest pizza is just over 122 feet! It was made in Rome and happens to be gluten-free. It took 5 Italians to create it in Rome in 2012. It had a total surface area of 13,580.28 ft².  

The most expensive pizza costs around $12,000. The Louis XIII is made with lobster, three types of caviar, buffalo mozzarella, pink Australian salt, and squilla mantis (shrimp). The Creation of Master Chef Renato Viola of Italy. 

A pizza museum called the Pizza Brain in Philadelphia has the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia setting the Guinness record in 2011. 

There are more than 6,000 books (just on Amazon alone) about pizza. 


In 2001, a Russian cosmonaut ate the first piece of pizza in space at the International Space Station. 

North Korea finally opened its first pizzeria in 2009.

Mathematical contributions

The pizza theorem is when the equality of two areas arises when one partitions a disk in a certain way. 


Wiseguy’s brain is FULL! Hope you enjoyed a few fun facts. Now he needs to get busy practicing for that pizza eating contest!




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