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Culinary adventures

With so much going on a pizza- crust, veggies, meats, and cheeses, the sauce is often overlooked and taken for granted. At Wiseguy Pizza Pie we know the sauce is a key component and an ingredient that sets the tone for the entire pie. Some are sweeter, tangier, spicier, fresher, – or maybe have too little or too much seasoning. It makes a difference when you get it just right. Even the amount of sauce used is key, as is its consistency. Is it too watered down, or too chunky- with pieces of peppers, onions, and tomatoes throughout the sauce? What one person prefers another doesn’t. That being said, some like to venture off the beaten path. Wiseguy fully appreciates those folks. These sauces aren’t for everyone, but they are fun to learn about and to try now and again. 

When you’re right -you’re right

The traditional pizza sauce has been around for thousands of years. Seriously, there’s a reason the tomato-based sauce has held on for so long. It’s the perfect combo with cheese, crust, and all those other fabulous toppings we layer on it. A little basil, oregano, and garlic, and you’re set. And when made fresh daily like Wiseguy Pizza Pie’s tomato-based sauce, -it’s perfecto! Are we right? 

More Italian faves

Creamy alfredo pairs nicely with chicken, as do some other Italian sauces such as pesto, olive oil, and even balsamic.

Us crazy westerners

We put our own spin on the pizza sauce once it arrived in America. BBQ sauces and ranch-based versions have been around for quite some time. And even here at Wiseguy, we like to embrace them on a couple of our own creations. 

Eastern influences

Asian cuisine does not shy away from pizza. Many oriental flavors have graced a pizza crust. Hummus, carrot with harissa, curry, Thai-chili, and peanut sauce are just a few eastern-inspired delights. 

How about you?

The list goes on and gets kind of crazy- think mayonnaise and even pumpkin! What’s the craziest pizza sauce/toppings you’ve ever tried? Wiseguy would love to hear it! Check out this social post on Facebook or Instagram and let us know in the comments.

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