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Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? It is America’s favorite comfort food, after all.

When you think of the best kind of pizza, you might think of New York thin crust or Boston deep-dish style. You’re likely not thinking about Boise pizza.

We’re here to tell you why you should be. There are many Idaho pizza places, but there’s no restaurant like Wiseguys Pizza Pies. 

Are you in the Gem State, craving comfort food and looking for where to eat? There’re so many pizza places to choose from that the options can feel overwhelming. You need an Idaho food guide and lucky for you, we’ve got your back!  

Treat Yourself to New York Style Idaho Pizza

You don’t have to go all the way to the Big Apple to enjoy a New York Style pizza. At Wiseguys, our stone-deck pies are made NYC-style hand-tossed with thin crust and wide sides, perfect for folding.

Mix It up at Wiseguy Pizza Pies

There’s a big wide world of pizza topping combinations beyond pepperoni and cheese waiting for you to discover. At Wiseguys, you can go with a classic and order our Margarita Guy, our take on a traditional margarita pizza. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try our White Trash Guy loaded with ranch dressing, bacon, scallions, cheese, and kettle potato chips.

We’ll only be slightly offended if you don’t like any of our pizza toppings combinations. You have the option to get creative and build your own pizza with your choice of our regular and premium toppings selection. 

A Pizza Place For All People 

Everyone can find a pizza they like at our restaurant, regardless of dietary restrictions. We offer gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust for customers who are gluten sensitive. Our vegetarian friends can order our popular Vegetablarian pizza packed with fresh veggies, and for those looking for something lighter to eat, we offer a variety of salads. 

Not in the mood for pizza or salad? We also serve delicious sandwiches and calzones. 

Drink While You Eat 

At our restaurant, you can pair your dinner with your favorite wine or beer. Those who want to go with the tried and true can choose from our domestic bottled beers. For all of you craft beer lovers, we carry the finest handcraft microbrews the Northwest has to offer.

If you don’t want beer, you can dine like an Italian and have a glass of wine with your pizza. Wine drinkers always have something new to try with our rotating selection of red and white wines served by the glass. 

We want to give all of our customers a chance to enjoy our restaurant, so we made it so our gluten-sensitive customers can enjoy gluten-free pizza along with a glass from our selection of gluten-free beers and ciders.

Enjoy Your Food Outdoors

Want to take in the nice summer weather while you drink and chow down? Take a seat on our open patio! Our outside seating is perfect for date nights, events, and for just eating out with family and friends. 

Why We Stand Out From the Rest

Need even more of a reason to check us out? Here at Wiseguys, we cook with the freshest and most natural ingredients. We only use whole-milk mozzarella and make every pizza from scratch. 

Our dough and our sauce are made daily. Our dough is made with locally sourced ingredients. We make our dough with Shepherds Grain Flour, a company that uses many Northern Idaho farmers to produce their grains. 

All the ingredients come together to make our delicious pies in our stone deck oven. We cook our pizza on a stone deck to ensure that you get an evenly cooked pizza made in record time every time.

Eat Local: Eat Boise Pizza 

When you eat at one of the big three pizza chains, most of your money goes to lining the wallets of a handful of executives in Dallas, Louisville, and Michigan. The community gets very little benefit. 

By not going to a pizza chain and buying local, you support the local economy. Your purchase provides the city with tax revenue, which in turn helps schools, utilities, and roads keep up and running. Boise is able to keep its small-town feel while providing world-class amenities thanks to consumers like you. 

Wiseguys is a locally owned and operated restaurant. When you buy from us, your money goes right back into the Boise economy. Not only do we bring you the best pizzas in the state, our team sources whatever we can from Idaho in an effort to maintain what makes this city great. 

Not in Boise?

Wiseguys Pizza Pies has locations in Boise, Hailey, and Ketchum, Idaho. We also service the surrounding areas.

Not in Idaho? Take a road trip and come visit us!

Taking a road trip out of the question? You can admire our pies from afar when you follow us on Instagram. 

Hungry for Pizza? Wiseguy Has You Covered

Looking for Boise pizza? Then look no further than Wiseguys Pizza Pies where we know and love pizza! We take pride in our quality pies and aim to provide you with all the options to make your dining experience fantastic.

If you don’t want your pizza right away, you can buy half-baked pies to cook later. Eating for one or feeding a whole family? Whatever your pizza needs, we have you covered.

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