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Americans order over 3 billion pizzas every year. It’s safe to say, no matter where you go, our nation’s quintessential fare is in high demand.

Across the country, pizza artists are stepping up to meet that demand, finding their own special place in the pizza scene. American pizza meccas like New York and Chicago may get the most press, but you don’t have to journey all the way to Brooklyn for a singular experience.

Sure, when most people try to think of noteworthy destinations, pizza places in Boise, Idaho probably don’t get much consideration. But as they start exploring our various locales, even the most worldly pizza critics will find truly memorable places to try.

If you are visiting or live in Boise, there are countless pizza joints to enjoy. While they are all special in their own right, we know you may not have time to take them all in.

That’s why we created this handy guide to the top 10 pizza places Boise, Idaho proudly has to offer.

Top Pizza Places in Boise, Idaho

New York is known for its width. Chicago for its depth. In Boise, Idaho, our pizza pros have developed a reputation for breadth.

As you read this list, you will find that unique and exciting flavors are our defining characteristic. Any of these pizza places are sure to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience during your next visit to Boise.

Spitfire Craft Pizza & Pints

Ever try a Detroit-style pizza? These rectangular pizzas are known for their thick crispy-yet-chewy and all-around delicious crusts. Finding the real deal outside Michigan can be difficult, but one of the best pizza places to find worthy Detroit-style pies is right here in Boise, Idaho.

Spitfire delivers the goods, with Detroit-style variations of classics like pepperoni and their highly-praised Hawaiian. Of course, they also run off the beaten path with unique chicken pizzas and sweet & spicy combinations.

Spitfire also offers familiar and fun original crust pizzas for those not ready to step out of their comfort zone, making them a perfect spot to satisfy everyone in a group. When you’re looking for reliably great pizza and a solid selection of craft beers on tap, these guys are worth your time.

Red Bench Pizza

Sharing S. Vista Ave with Spitfire is Red Bench Pizza, an antithesis to the deep-dish Detroit stylings. Red Bench serves up some of the best thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza you’ll find in Idaho or otherwise.

Red Bench Pizza is brought to us by the owners of one of Idaho’s premier farm-to-table restaurants, Juniper Kitchen and Cocktails. With the same commitment to superior quality, Red Bench takes pride in crafting every pizza from scratch. The care they take in sourcing the finest local ingredients and preparing everything in-house (including handmade Italian sausage!) is truly remarkable.

For a different dining experience that evokes a genuine old-world Italian atmosphere, Red Bench is the spot. Don’t forget to pair your pizza with a bottle of your favorite wine!

The Wylder

Since 2017, the Wylder has been serving up slow batch pizza alongside craft cocktails, beer, and wine, much to the delight of Boise’s refined pizza connoisseurs.

The Wylder offers a contemporary setting for a higher-end experience, which is pretty clear when you break down their menu. Though known for its pizzas, the Wylder offers unique tastes across the board, from starter salads and apps to lunch courses and nightly suppers. Looking through their carefully curated and often exotic ingredients, you are bound to find a brand new flavor to explore.

Diggs Pizza

Don’t be fooled by the simple, unassuming setup — Diggs may be small in size, but they deliver big in quality. Their hand-tossed pizzas have been a Boise staple for over 20 years.

Diggs brings their homemade sauce, fresh ingredients, and distinct flair to every pizza. Customers can find comfort in familiar flavors or venture into admittedly bizarre combinations, like the Zippy Skippy’s ranch sauce, spicy chicken, and feta blend.

If you aren’t feeling a pizza, try out their classic pizzeria alternatives, including grinders and calzones.

Guido’s New York Style Pizzeria

There seems to be a New York-style pizzeria in every town, serving up “authentic” slices until a born-and-bred Brooklyner shows up and says, “What?! Do you call THIS a real New York slice?! Fuggedaboutit!”

Or whatever New Yorkers say to dismiss fraudulent pizza nowadays.

We like to think we know a little about real New York pizza, and despite all the fakers, Guido’s delivers the goods. They may not get too crazy with their flavor combinations, but you will be impressed with their quality and their prices. Plus, they round out their casual dining experience with a select wine and beer menu as well as salads, stromboli, and sausage rolls.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie

You may have seen this coming, but we put our money where our mouth is when we say we are one of the best pizza places in Boise. At Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we use our stone-deck oven process to perfection, following the grand traditions of the New York-Italian technique.

Our hand-tossed pizzas are topped with whole-milk mozzarella, handmade sauce, and your favorite combinations of over 30 ingredients. We bake them in our stone oven at extra high heat, bringing you perfect bubbly cheese on a crispy-yet-chewy thin crust in record time. We know there are a lot of factors in choosing the best pizza, and we strive for top marks across the board.

If you think it’s only your everyday New York pepperoni slices, don’t worry — we’re as creative as any pizza place Boise, Idaho has to offer. If you don’t believe us, just try our chicken, arugula, lemon, and feta combo that is the Metro Guy.

Not ready for an unmatched pizza experience? We fill out our menu with an array of sandwiches, hoagies, wings, and salads to suit any taste. If you enjoy a cold beer, we’ve got you covered with a great variety of top-tier local microbrews.

Treat Yourself to Wiseguy Pizza Pie

Did you know that Wiseguy Pizza Pie was rated as one of the best pizza places in Boise, Idaho by this very blog post? It truly is an honor, though hardly surprising given our commitment to superior quality, service, and good times.

Our brand has been growing since 2004, extending across Idaho and giving us more opportunities to treat our communities with special experiences.

The next time you visit Boise, stop by Wiseguy Pizza Pie on Main Street or order online for delivery. You’ll be glad you did

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