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Looking for the best places to eat in Ketchum, Idaho?

Everywhere you go, you are bound to find delicious food if you know where to look. Idaho has quite a vibrant food scene, and this is especially true of the small town of Ketchum. With a population under 3,000, the smorgasbord on offer is mesmerizing.

From Pizzerias to bakeries, grills, and even Thai food, this locale is full of hidden gems.

If you’re looking for the best Ketchum Idaho restaurants, look no further. This handy list has you covered. Read on to discover more!


Rickshaw is so famous for the quality of its Thai food that it draws visitors from several hours away. Their curry noodles hit you with a ton of flavor, and their fried chicken is perfect. They have a compact menu, but everything on there is sure to satisfy any Thai craving.

The service is excellent, and the restaurant itself is warm and cozy. They even have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so there’s no excuse not to give them a try.

Ketchum Grill

The Ketchum Grill is a homey, warm, no pretense kind of place. They hit you with generous portions of delicious, hearty food that warms the soul. From duck breast to venison, lamb, and lemon shrimp pasta, everything they serve is from the heart.

They make their pasta, desserts, and bread in-house. It’s one of the best Ketchum Idaho restaurants, and it shows. If you find yourself in the area, their goat cheese cheesecake is a definite must.


This Mexican restaurant guarantees one thing – you’ll always leave satisfied and full. The plating is no-nonsense, and the portions are no joke. It’s often said one of their meals can feed two people.

Customers far and wide come to Ketchum for Despo’s burritos and salsa. Regardless of if you get steak, pork, or chicken, be certain the flavor will blow you away. The same is true of their salsas and other menu options, which come in various options and spiciness.


The unique name Konditorei is German for “pastry shop,” and in Ketchum, they offer these and more. Despite being one of the top Idaho restaurants, you won’t feel like you’re in Idaho if you dine here. This Austrian-inspired resto offers sumptuous breakfast meals as well as lunch and brunch.

Their meals also go well with their in-house adult beverages and coffee. If you’re vegan, they have great alternative options, including plant-based milk and vegan coffee. They’re definitely the best way to live and eat healthier without sacrificing flavor.

WiseGuy Pizza Pie

Where else to get the best pizza in Ketchum but at WiseGuy Pizza Pie? It’s one of the best pizza places for miles. They specialize in pizza and everyone’s favorite and iconic pub foods, like wings.

Don’t forget to try their hoagies and calzones too! They boast a stone deck oven which gives their pizzas an added flavor profile. They also have amazing pizza topping combinations.

Looking to eat less meat but not quite ready to give up pizza? Then their vegetarian pizza option, “The Vegetablarian” is perfect for you. Not only do you get to satisfy that pizza craving, but you can also do it guilt-free.


You’re in for a treat with Cristina’s. They serve superb lunches with exceptional service. If you’re looking for a cozy, European ambiance, then dining at their outdoor patio is a must.

You can also look into their breakfast menu for classics like bacon and pancakes, eggs benedict, and coffee. Consider getting a reservation if you plan to visit around lunch, dinner, or weekends. The place is almost always full during these hours and days.

It’s, without a doubt, one of the top Ketchum Idaho restaurants.


If you feel like treating yourself to high-quality fare, Enoteca is the place for you. This Italian restaurant pulls out all the stops with both its food and décor. It’s long been a favorite date and anniversary spot.

Locals and visitors alike rave about their steak, seafood, and pasta. The wine bar offers plenty of selection. While they can’t beat WiseGuy Pizza Pie toppings, their lamb sausage pizza can compete with most pizza restaurants.

The Kneadery

When it comes to tasty breakfasts, The Kneadery is a cut above. This place has you covered, from delicious eggs benedict to incredible pancakes, waffles, and French toast. They even have fresh baked goods and an assortment of lunch options available.

You’re sure to have a wonderful meal as it’s in the top must-visit Ketchum Idaho restaurants. Make sure you go early, as they only work from 8 am to 2 pm. It’s definitely worth the trip, though, as it didn’t get the top spot on Tripadvisor for nothing.

Pioneer Saloon

For those who like classic American pub food, the Pioneer Saloon is one of the best options in the entire area. From loaded baked potatoes to juicy steak and huge shrimp, if you have a craving for it, chances are it’s here. This staple of Americana was even listed in Esquire’s “100 Restaurants America Can’t Afford to Lose.”

Not only is the food fantastic, but so is the building itself, which exudes history. The walls are full of historical reminders of the area’s history. Literary fans are sure to spot the Ernest Hemingway relics, as the author spent his final years in Ketchum.

The Sawtooth Club

If you want American fare with a touch of class, The Sawtooth Club is the place for you. The décor and seating are inviting, and the food is always prepared and plated with care. The food looks amazing, but it tastes even better.

Aside from delicious steak, ribs, and burgers, their seafood is exceptional. Delectable salmon, tasty ruby trout, and succulent clams are some of what’s on offer. Make sure to take advantage of their fresh catch of the day while you’re there, and give their baked brie en croute a try.

Ketchum Idaho Restaurants Worth Your Time

Ketchum, Idaho may be a small place, but it’s packed with flavor and amazing places to eat. You’ll find restaurants to satisfy any culinary craving, from Asian to European, to American and Mexican. And remember, one of the best options for Ketchum Idaho restaurants is definitely pizza.

If you find yourself in Ketchum or near the Sun Valley area, don’t forget to give Wiseguys Pizza Pie a try. Give us a call, and make your trip to Ketchum a gastronomic experience.

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