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These days, it’s daunting enough to choose what shirt to wear on a zoom meeting, let alone what kind of pizza best satisfies your craving. Especially when the pizza industry generates nearly 38$ billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone. The options appear limitless. 

Never fear, the solution is here.

Wiseguys Pizza Boise has been successfully serving the Idaho community for years. Our hand-tossed pies, made with all-natural ingredients, will leave you addicted to the Wiseguys’ way of life. The locals will tell you, it’s not just a tasty treat,t but a culinary movement. 

Still not sure? Continue reading and we’ll get you in on the best-kept secret in town.

You Crave It, We’ve Got It 

With more than 20 different menu options, there isn’t a pizza craving we can’t satisfy. 

Still unsure of what to order? We provide both premium and regular toppings to help create your own unique masterpiece. 

Take it a step further, and we also provide gluten-free options for those who can’t eat from our traditional menu. 

Did Someone Say Fresh?

Since our opening days, the Wiseguys team has made it a priority to provide the freshest and most all-natural ingredients you can find. 

We only use whole-milk mozzarella and insist on making every single pizza dough from scratch. Both our pizza dough AND sauce are made fresh on the daily. 

At Wiseguys, you are truly getting the freshest and most homemade pizza option possible. Boise, get ready, the freshness at Wiseguys simply can’t be beat! 

Our commitment to fresh and homemade cooking has made our food a local staple. Don’t trust us? Check out our stellar TripAdvisor reviews and get the answer to just why is Wiseguys Pizza Boise good!

With Great Pizza, Comes Great Drinks to Go With It 

You can never go wrong with a nice, cold beverage and a hot slice of pizza.

At Wiseguys Pizza Boise, Idaho, we make sure the drink options are just as fire as our stone-deck ovens. Our menu features the finest microbrews the Northwest region has to offer. 

Not in the mood for a beer? We also feature a rotating wine list that can satisfy your more bougie drink cravings. Don’t forget, we also offer gluten-free beer options as well as cider. 

Last but definitely not least, we deliver! Yep, you heard me. We deliver beer along with your pizza. Game-changer. 

Trying to Eat Healthy? We’ve Got You 

A cornerstone belief at Wiseguys Pizza Boise, Idaho, continues to remain that pizza is for everyone. 

Not only do we offer a gluten-free pizza, but we also offer a vegetarian pizza, otherwise known as the Vegeteblarian

Our commitment to fresh ingredients makes any pizza you choose, an overall healthy and delicious choice. With an emphasis on eating local, we purchase our dough flour from Shepherd’s Grain Flour. This local company primarily utilizes Northern Idaho farmers to create their product.

So when you are eating at Wiseguys, you are supporting the local food community! Talk about a healthy win for everyone.  

We also cook up some delicious salad options, for those not wishing to indulge in pizza. Our salad options include: Caesar Salad, Spinach Salad, Cobb Salad, and our own unique House Salad with a hand-crafted balsamic vinaigrette. 

Feel free to browse through the menu and find a dish that works best for your personal dietary needs.

Dinnertime Made Easy at Wiseguys

On the way home from work? Don’t want to cook? Wiseguys has your back. 

With our half-baked pies option, you can pick up one of our classic frozen pizzas and bake it right at home. Who says you didn’t cook dinner? Take all that credit, without any of the work!  

Too tired to stop on the way home? Feel free to order directly from Wiseguys Pizza Boise, Idaho, online. Our hand-crafted online portal makes it easy to select exactly what you want. 

Your order form will include your receipt, your food, and an estimated wait time. So no matter how many hungry mouths you have to feed, you know just how long you have to wait. 

As a helpful side note, we currently accept Mastercard, Visa, and Amex. 

Welcome to the Famiglia at Wiseguys Pizza Boise!

At Wiseguys, you truly are a part of the family. Whether you are stopping in for a family get-together or grabbing a half-baked to-go, the environment is designed for you to feel at home. 

With our stone-deck ovens, our commitment to traditional cooking remains strong in our hearts. The authentic Italian experience is part of what makes our pizzas so warm and gooey. 

With affordable prices, we also ensure that anyone and everyone can enjoy our fresh and authentic pizza. Win-win.  

Word to the wise, come ready to eat. Our portions are not for the faint of heart! We definitely work to get you lots of pizza per slice, and the most bang for your buck.  

How Can I Join the Movement? 

Now that you know where to go for the best pizza in Boise, it’s time to join the familia.

Follow along on Instagram or Facebook at: @wiseguypizzaboise.

Whether you are looking for a cozy spot to celebrate with family, at an affordable price, or you need a quick at-home dinner – Wiseguys Pizza Boise is the #1 place to be. Quite literally, we’ve been ranked the Valley’s best pizza for more than eight years running!

Want to show your support? Leave a Wiseguys Pizza Boise review on Yelp and share your experience! 

Contact Wiseguys today and become a part of the movement!

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