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Yes, there’s a beer for that

You may have heard of wine pairings with different foods but how about beer and pizza??

With plenty of cold refreshing beers to choose from at Wiseguy Pizza Pie, you might be wondering- what pairs best with my Fat Guy pie? How about the Margarita or the Dirty Bird pie?

What’s on Tap?

While our beers on tap do change, here are some general guidelines when choosing a brew to pair with your pie. 

  • Oh and don’t forget, you can always see what brews are currently on tap at any of our locations by using the TapHunter app or on their website: or scan the QR code below. 

The Perfect Pairs

Cheese- pale/blonde ales

Margaritas, and charred crusted pizzas- lagers or pilsners

Pepperoni- brown/amber ales

Fun Guy- More hoppy or stout varieties pair best with mushrooms

Metro Guy- Golden ales

White Trash Guy- PBR or Ranier

Wise and Fat Guy- something less hoppy

BBQ Bird- Something like a toasty malt and less hoppy

Vegetablarian- something light and on the fruity side

Sad Guy- Indian pale ale

Greek Anti-pizza- wheat ales

Dirty Bird-malty, smoky types like scotch ales


With so many choices you might pick the beer before the pie! We’re totally fine with that. No rules or judgement here. See you at Wiseguy Pizza Pie!

At Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we don’t cut corners… we cut circles in order to make them into triangles… Can you imagine trying to eat a circle slice? What a mess?

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