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Whether or not you or someone you know has a gluten sensitivity, a wheat allergy, celiac disease, or other issues, chances are this isn’t the first time you are hearing about gluten-free options. Some folks just feel better when they avoid foods containing gluten.

Gluten explained

And what is gluten exactly? Well, it’s basically a name for proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye (to name a few). Even oats need to be classified as gluten-free to truly be free of this particular protein. It’s also added to foods you may not even realize- like soups and seasonings. 

You can have your pie- and eat it too!

Lucky for you, one of America’s favorite foods – pizza, is available with gluten-free ingredients. Gluten-free crusts are often made from almonds, rice, corn, cauliflower, or beans. They might even contain potato or tapioca starch. These ingredients are sometimes added to oil, yeast, and more liquid than traditional crusts, and some are even pre-baked, At Wise Guy Pizza Pie we use a cauliflower crust that we, and our customers really love!

Your goals are our goals

Whether you have restrictions, or you are just looking to get healthier, at Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we can help you enjoy dining out while meeting your dietary goals. When you visit any of our locations, our servers are happy to answer questions about any of the ingredients on our menu. 

All your faves are still here!

Yes, all of your favorite pizza toppings are available. Wiseguy Pizza Pie offers gluten-free toppings for any pizza you order. Chicken, bacon, pepperoni, spinach… you get the idea! Load up on all of the freshest ingredients available at Wiseguy. Honestly, you won’t even remember what the traditional crust tasted like. 

Order 10” gluten-free pizzas at any of our 3 locations- Boise, Hailey, or Ketchum! 

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