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Humans were first introduced to gluten ten thousand years ago when we first began to eat grains like wheat. Wheat allowed us to expand and form civilizations without worrying about where our food was going to come from. 

Centuries later, we consume more gluten than ever. 

Some people have bad reactions to gluten in their diets. Other people just want to get a little healthier. Regardless of why you want to cut gluten from your diet, there are lots of great benefits. 

One of the biggest sources of gluten in our diets comes from pizza. 

Here we’ve created a list of the top ten reasons to pick gluten-free pizza, Boise, for your next pizza night.

1. Helps with Insulin Control

The purpose of insulin is to help your body retain and use the sugar you take in as food for energy. When you consume gluten, it increases the amount of sugar the insulin needs to interact with. 

If you consume too much sugar, it can outway the amount of insulin you have in your body. This is how health problems like diabetes can occur. 

Substituting traditional pizza dough for gluten-free pizza dough can help reduce the amount of gluten your body takes

2. Can Help with Weight Loss

Eliminating gluten will not cause automatic weight loss. But, when you have to decide between a gluten-free pizza and a traditional pizza, gluten-free pizza can be the healthier option. 

By choosing the healthier option, it can reduce the number of calories you intake while still making you feel full. Gluten-free diets can also motivate you to read food labels, making you more aware of what you put in your body. 

3. Increase Your Energy 

Gluten-free pizza can reduce your cholesterol levels. It also helps make your entire digestive track feel better overall. Having a body that feels good can make it easy to get more done throughout the day. 

Gluten-free pizza will also give you the energy you need to get through your day without any side effects With a full belly and a healthy body, you can get any amount of work done. 

4. Reduced Joint Pain

If you’re sensitive to gluten, you may experience joint pain either before or after you consume pizza. This is caused by inflammation produced by your body as a reaction to gluten. 

By choosing a gluten-free pizza, you can reduce your joint pain while having a fun meal with friends and family.

5. Lower the Chances of Getting Sick

Regular pizza can contain a wide variety of ingredients that aren’t good for your body. These ingredients can lead to heart failure, cancer, and suppress your immune system.

Gluten-free pizza will not prevent you from getting sick, but it can greatly reduce your risk of serious illnesses. Gluten-free pizza has healthier ingredients that will benefit your body rather than hurt it. 

6. Fun Flavors of Pizza Crust

You might be thinking to yourself: gluten-free pizza crust probably doesn’t taste as good as regular pizza. Well, you’d be wrong! Gluten-free pizza crust has the same great taste as regular pizza without any of the side effects. 

Gluten-free pizza crusts are made of gluten-free flour, rice flour, almond flour, potato starch, or tapioca starch. These starches are still combined with classic crust ingredients like oil, salt, and everything that makes an individual pizza shop’s pizza unique

7. All Your Favorite Toppings are Still Available

Pizza toppings generally don’t include gluten, unless you’re adding extra bread to your pizza. This means that when you purchase a gluten-free crust, you can still get all your favorite pizza toppings, like chicken, pepperoni, spinach, and bacon. 

Between the great taste and the same available toppings, you can still get that great pizza taste while reaping the benefits of going gluten-free.

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8. Eliminate Bloating

Gluten can cause bloating for many individuals. If you’re sensitive to gluten, it can be even worse. Bloating can make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable. 

No one wants to feel gross after a meal. Gluten-free pizza can help prevent that gross feeling from happening. With no gluten involved, this pizza won’t cause any kind of indigestion or bloating. 

9. Give Yourself Clearer Skin

Acne is one of the most annoying things to ever experience. Acne is caused by inflammation. Increased amounts of gluten intake can cause inflammation to happen. 

Gluten-free pizza crust reduces the amount of gluten you consume when substituted for regular pizza. By reducing the amount of gluten you consume, you can reduce inflammation. This is a benefit people who don’t have a gluten allergy but just want a healthier diet can experience as well. 

10. Easy to Find

Gluten-free pizza dough has become a staple for pizza places everywhere. With more people deciding not to consume gluten, having it as an option for customers is a great financial boost for pizza restaurants. 

Each pizza company will have its own special zest that makes its pizza unique. This zest will be added to every pizza they make — including gluten-free ones. 

Gluten-free pizza crust comes in a variety of styles — from thin to stuffed crust. When ordering a pizza, you often get to pick the type of crust you want. Gluten-free is usually one of those options. 

Order Gluten-Free Pizza Boise

By the end of this article, you’re probably hungry and craving some gluten-free pizza for yourself. 

If you’re looking for gluten-free pizza in Boise, Hailey, or Road Ketchum in Idaho, Wiseguy Pizza Pie will satisfy your tastes buds. We specialize in all things pizza and value every customer regardless of dietary restrictions. Give us a call or check out our website to get gluten-free pizza delivered straight to your door.

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