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One of the best toppings to grace a pizza. So good many are happy to order a cheese pizza at Wiseguy Pizza Pie with no other toppings. Crust, sauce, cheese. Perfecto! For others, it’s a necessary ingredient that happily coexists with other fabulous items. No matter your preference, choosing the perfect cheese at Wiseguy Pizza Pie is a bit “sciencey”

Wiseguy Pizza Pie’s Cheesy Criteria

Moisture content- impacts the browning ability
Fat content- helps it to stretch and melt
Yes, stretchiness, browning, and melting are SUPER important.

The Fab 5 Cheesy Pizza Choices

Mozzarella (low-moisture is best)
This cheese really shines on Margherita style pizza, traditional cheese pizza, or blended with provolone on pepperoni pizza. At Wiseguy, we love to use a whole-milk mozzarella sourced from Jerome, Idaho. *Low fat is also available.

A semi-hard cheese, whose flavor can vary depending on how long it has aged. Sweet, creamy varieties are aged for a shorter time. Sharper, and dryer varieties come from ones that have been aged longer. It is a versatile cheese that pairs well with many types of toppings.

We love to use feta at Wiseguy Pizza Pie. One bite, and you will see why. The tangy, salty flavor pairs nicely with some of our top menu favorites.

A flavorful cheese that is often only used as a garnish. Sigh… it likes to shine all on its own, enhancing the flavor of a perfectly prepared pie.

Many Idaho Pizza customers love the sharp bite of good cheddar cheese. While it doesn’t handle high heat well, it does better when blended in with other cheeses. Unlike parm, it’s a bit more social.

Change Up Your Cheese with Take and Bake Pizza at Wiseguy!

Looking to branch out from the popular kids? Check out these often overlooked, yet great options for your next take and bake (we offer half-baked pies!) you can add on to later. Have fun getting cheesy!

Goat cheese
Blue Cheese

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