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The Wisest of Them All

Well, Wiseguy’s Grandma says… no. Now, that isn’t to say she hasn’t taken into consideration a few (unlikely) scenarios; A certain cultural event, The King of England stops by, You are required to keep white gloves on your hands for an extended amount of time … We think you probably get where we are coming from here.  But, for the most part, there aren’t too many occasions where this incredibly versatile food is a no-go. 

Just When You Thought It Was Impossible

Wiseguy would like to formally announce occasions where it is indeed ok to serve pizza, where you may have thought it was impossible. Without further adieu… The Big 3

Weddings/other formal occasions

Baby/bridal showers

Celebrations of life

Weddings/Formal occasions

This boils down to manageability. Do we cut it, or do we pick it up? This is easily solved by having the pizza cut into smaller slices. OR- even ask your pizzeria to cut the pieces into small squares, bite-sized portions. Why not!? You and the groom love pizza. It’s your day! Do what makes you and/or your guests happy. 

Hosting a formal dinner party, and you want to lighten up the vibe? Share one of your favorite pizzas from Wiseguy, -like the Metro Guy (spicy chicken, arugula, lemon, Feta, caramelized onions), and how great it pairs with a fabulous vino you found. Why not? Cheers! 

Baby/Bridal showers

BIG hit! Trust us on this one. Especially with more of these becoming co-ed, why not have something for everyone? Mom-to-be has a craving for pepperoni and anchovies? Indulge her! (Maybe get everyone else something different.) And nothing calms down a Bridezilla like a Fun Guy Pizza from Wiseguy Pizza Pie- Loads of mushrooms sautéed in olive oil and garlic, caramelized onions, grated Parmesan, and Feta cheese.

Celebrations of life

Drumroll, please… How many pieces of pizza will the average American eat in their lifetime? 

6,000!! Wiseguy may not be a rocket scientist but he has a pretty good idea that it’s probably ok for this one to make an appearance at a memorial, wake, or another type of get-together for our dearly departed loved ones (who loved pizza dearly). Our Sad Guy pizza might just fit the occasion- Gorgonzola, bacon, meatballs, red onion, and a light tomato sauce. It’s all about comfort food and this one has it. 

What about special diets?

Fear not. At Wiseguy Pizza Pie we have gluten-free crusts, dairy-free cheese, and an incredible Vegetablarian Pizza for our vegetarian friends. 

Whether it’s a casual get-together or a huge formal celebration, pizza is a versatile and delicious option for you and your guests. Give Wiseguy a call at any of our three locations to find out how we can help make your special occasion a memorable one!

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