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Pizza is what brings America together. Between October 2019 and September 2020, the pizza industry made more than $46.2 billion in sales. 

One reason why pizza sales are so strong is that pizza delivery is so easy. All you need to do is use DoorDash Boise and you’ll have dinner in no time. 

But don’t reach for your phone just yet. To make the most out of your DoorDash pizza, you need to know some pizza ordering tips. 

How many pizzas should you order, and what toppings should you get? What directions should you give to your driver? How much should you tip them? 

Answer these questions and you can become a master on how to order pizza. Here are five tips you should keep in mind.

1. Order More Than You Think You Need

Many people assume that each person will eat three slices per serving. A pizzeria may cut a large pizza into eight or more slices, so you should give them a call to see how many slices there are per pizza. In general, you can order two pizzas for a group of five people.

However, a person may eat more than three slices. You should order one more pizza than you think you need just to cover your bases.

Make sure you are ordering pizzas that people want to eat. Ordering one cheese pizza, one pepperoni pizza, and one pizza with a combination of toppings gives everyone options.

Don’t worry about having extra slices. You can put them in your fridge and reheat your pizza in a few ways, including by steaming your slices in a skillet. 

2. Don’t Order Anything You Can’t Cook Yourself

Though you should order a lot of food, you should not order everything off of the menu. A salad is a good appetizer, yet salads can wilt inside the delivery car. You can make a salad easily at home with the produce in your fridge. 

You can also make nachos using tortilla chips and shredded cheese. You can set your toaster oven on high, then you can shred cheese over your chips. You can top them with salsa or jalapenos, or you can make your own guacamole. 

With the money you save, you can buy another pizza or you can get a sandwich. One sandwich can feed one person, especially if it is around one foot long.

Some people like to order a cheese pizza and then put their own toppings on to save money. This can affect the flavors and textures of your pizza because your toppings may be raw. You can try different topping combinations without spending too much money.

3. Give Precise Directions

Ordering pizza on DoorDash lets you input many different instructions. You can ask the pizzeria to double cut your pizzas, producing 16 slices. This is a good choice if you are feeding children who find it hard to grip pizza slices. 

You can also give directions to your delivery driver. If you want them to go to a particular door, tell them which door you want them to go to. 

Do not just write, “Go to the front door.” Your driver may mistake your front door for a side door and go to the wrong location. Write a visual description of the door so your driver knows which one it is. 

If you are in an apartment building, you should specify which apartment you live in. You should tell your driver if you are on an upper floor so they don’t drop your food off on the ground floor. If you live on a college campus or another location with different buildings, you should give them the name of your building as well. 

Ask your driver to call you if they don’t know where you are or if they are confused about something. You should also give your DoorDash pizza restaurants your cell phone number so they can give you a call if something happens. 

4. Have Someone Meet the Driver

You can track when your DoorDash pizza is arriving through your DoorDash account. Once your driver is within a few minutes of your home, you or someone else should go outside to meet them. 

This is very important if you live in an apartment or dorm building. Access to the building may be restricted at night, so your driver cannot come inside. 

You can ask your driver to put the food by the front door and then leave. However, you should go to the door soon after your driver departs because someone may steal your food.

5. Tip the Driver

Your delivery fee goes to the restaurant to cover the cost of delivery expenses. Your driver does not receive any part of the fee. You have to give them an additional payment to bolster their salary. 

You don’t have to give any particular amount of money. If you have one or two dollars to spare, you can give them to your driver. You can also give them 25% or more of the cost of your food if they did a very good job.

Use DoorDash Boise Well

DoorDash Boise helps you order pizza, but you can’t just order a pie and expect it to be perfect. You should get more than enough pizza to cover your needs. You can make a basic appetizer like salad by yourself and then put the money toward another pie. 

Tell your driver exactly where to go and give them your contact information. When they’re about to arrive, greet them and compensate them with a generous tip. 

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