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Idaho may grow one-third of the U.S.’s potatoes, but we’re here to talk about the best kind of food you kind find in Idaho – pizza!

The world has embraced pizza as one of its most beloved meals. People love it so much that not just any old pizza will do anymore, naturally, everyone wants the best. 

If you’re looking for one of the best pizza places in Boise, we here at Wiseguy Pizza Pie have some tips on how to choose a pizza place that has the best pizza for you. 

Pizza is our passion and we know a thing or two when it comes to finding the best qualities in a good pizza place! Read on to learn about the five things you need to look for when it comes to finding the perfect pizza in Idaho.

1. Quality Sauce Will Make It Or Break It

There are many ways to improve on pizza. You can add more cheese, adjust your toppings, or bake it longer. One thing that you can’t change, that will be the determining factor of whether or not a pizza is good, is the sauce. A good, hearty sauce is the foundation of what makes a pizza either a great or forgettable experience.

At Wiseguy, we make our sauce fresh daily because we believe that’s how you get the best taste. Everyone uses different recipes for their sauce, but we believe ours is one of the best. 

Whether it’s classic red sauce, white sauce, pesto, or bar-be-que, whichever sauce you choose as the base of your pizza should be top-quality and delicious. This is one component of your pizza that you simply can’t overlook in terms of taste!

2. Perfect Crust Is A Must

The next thing you should consider about your pizza picks is the quality of the crust. The crust is literally the thing that holds the whole pie together, you can’t accept a crust that is anything short of perfection. 

Just like with sauce, a bad crust has the potential to make your whole pizza a bad meal. There’s no avoiding it, it will be part of every bite you take.

At Wiseguy, we know a good crust is a must, that’s why we make our dough fresh daily before we hand toss it for each pie.

We even have gluten-free options for those with restricted diets who still want to indulge. Everyone deserves to enjoy delicious pizza! 

Our crust is made in New York-style for that real, authentic taste. Experiment with crust types to find out what you love best. Try New York style, thick crust, thin crust, all the kinds you can find. Once you find a good crust, stick with it.

3. Location Is Everything

What’s the best kind of pizza? The kind that’s delicious and closest to you! 

Before you google “where is the best pizza near me?” Just know that if you’re anywhere near Boise, Hailey, or Ketchum Idaho, Wiseguy Pizza Pie has you covered

The next best thing is if a pizza place offers delivery. There’s nothing better than ordering a pie and getting it delivered piping hot to your home where you can eat in your pajamas if you want. 

Doordash Boise is a great place to order everything you want from Wiseguy. We offer all our delicious food and drinks there to be sent to you at your convenience. 

You can also order online for pick-up at your convenience. If you’re in Boise, order from the Wiseguys downtown to pick your pizza up from our friendly staff. 

All of our locations offer pick-up, delivery, and indoor/outdoor dining options. 

4. Find a Place With Options

Options are so important when it comes to finding the perfect pizza places in Boise and all of Idaho. At Wiseguy, we offer a wide variety on our menu because we think our customers deserve a selection of the best.

We offer traditional pies any way you like them, but we also offer unique flavors for you to try. For example, our White Trash Guy pie is made with ranch dressing, bacon, kettle potato chips, scallions, and two different kinds of cheese. 

Likewise, our Sad Guy pie features bacon, gorgonzola cheese, meatballs, red onions, and a perfect but light amount of our red sauce. 

Believe it or not, some people just don’t like pizza. That’s why it was important to us to offer more than just our delicious pies. 

We also offer crunchy, fresh salads, like our spinach or caesar salad. We also offer hot sandwiches, calzones, buffalo wings, cheese sticks, and garlic knots.

We want everyone to find something they love at their local Wiseguy Pizza Pie.

5. Support the Places That Support Local Businesses 

The best thing about being a local business is getting a chance to support other local businesses too! 

It’s an added bonus to be able to give our customers fresh pizza that features ingredients produced right in our beautiful state of Iowa.  

Our pizza dough is made with flour from Pendleton Power Flour, which uses Idaho Pocatello Idaho farms for the production of their grains. 

That means that the crust on all our delicious pies is locally sourced! You can munch on our pizza meals with pride knowing you’re contributing to Idaho’s local businesses while you enjoy your food. 

Wiseguy, One of the Best Pizza Places in Boise 

We all love the pizza here at Wiseguy Pizza Pie, and we hope this list helps you know what to look for when it comes time to order your next pie! 

Wiseguy has everything you need when you’re looking for pizza places in Boise. Order online from us today to try any of our delicious pies!