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Did you know that 350 slices of pizza are eaten each second in the United States? That’s a lot of pizza and just helps to prove that Americans love pizza. 

If you’re trying to decide where to order your next pizza from, the options can feel overwhelming. However, no fears; we’re here to help you. 

If you’re ordering pizza in Idaho, don’t just Google “Idaho pizza near me.” Instead, keep reading to learn where to get the best pizza in Idaho.

What Makes a Great Pizza? 

You can’t decide where to get pizza in Idaho without knowing what makes a great pizza. There are various factors to consider before you begin your pizza ordering adventure.

These factors include: 

  • Local vs. chain
  • The Crust
  • Toppings
  • Color

Local vs. Chain

Chain pizza has its place, but a “wise guy” knows that local is the best way to go. Buying locally helps keep the money you spend in the local economy. 

It also means that you’re getting ingredients that are locally sourced. However, the key here is customization. 

At chain pizza shops, their goal is to have a product that tastes the same, no matter where you go. If that’s your jam, we don’t judge. However, it also means that the shop will likely be required to purchase its products from a warehouse. 

Local shops make a pizza that allows you to taste the difference. They can locally source ingredients and make sure they’re fresh. 

If you’ve never had a pizza with locally sourced ingredients, you’re missing out.

The Crust

The crust for your pizza is the base of all good things to come. If you don’t start with a strong foundation, the rest of the pizza will crumble to pieces. 

You want to find a pizza shop that makes their crust daily. If the crust is old, you will taste it. You can tell if it looks flat or tastes sour. 

In addition, the style makes all the difference. For example, if you’re looking for a good New York Style pizza, you want to find a shop that does it well. 

A Note for Our Gluten-Free Friends

Anyone who is gluten-free knows how hard it can be to find a good gluten-free pizza. Some pizza places don’t offer gluten-free options. 

Other places offer gluten-free crust that tastes like cardboard. That makes it easy to cross them off your list. If you’ve ever eaten gluten-free cardboard, it’s not an experience you want to repeat. 

Finding a pizza shop with good gluten-free pizza is challenging. However, local shops often do a great job on this front. 

Part of finding a great pizza for you will involve finding a shop that offers non-cardboard gluten-free pizza. Keep in mind, though, that the pizza is not prepared in a gluten-free kitchen, and there is a risk for cross-contamination.

If this worries you, ask the restaurant what steps they take to avoid potential cross-contamination.

The Toppings

Now we’re getting to the good stuff, the toppings. Extra cheese and pineapple, anyone? 

Around 54 percent of people believe that pineapple has no place on pizza. We’ll let you judge that for yourself. 

Whatever you choose to put on your pizza, the ingredients matter. You want a shop that uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. 

You also want a pizza shop that knows how to blend flavors. Your sauce shouldn’t overpower your ingredients, and, in turn, you shouldn’t be unable to taste the sauce. 

A great pizza will work to blend flavors, so they work together and make a fantastic pizza. 

More Notes on Sauce

Speaking of sauce, have you ever eaten old sauce? 

After a day, your sauce starts to break down. This can lead to a sour taste that affects the harmony of your ingredients. 

Pizza sauce shouldn’t be from a can. It also shouldn’t have been made two days ago or even the previous day. 

Choose a pizzeria that makes its sauce fresh every day, and your taste buds will thank you. 

More Notes on Cheese

Cheese is the glue to your pizza. It should be just as fresh as the rest of your ingredients. 

Locally sourced cheese provides that, so find a pizza joint that sources their cheese locally. 

In addition, while we love cheese, we understand that not everyone can have it. If that’s you, finding the best Idaho pizza means you need to find a shop that offers non-dairy mozzarella.


Next time you order a pizza, look at the color. Vibrant colors indicate that fresh ingredients were used and your pizza was cooked well. 

Dark tomatoes indicate that tomatoes are old, and they could impact the flavor of your pizza. Overcooked cheese is a big NO and will definitely affect your pizza experience. 

So, What Are the Best Pizza Places in Idaho?

If you think we’re going to say anywhere other than Wise Guys Pizza Pie, FUGGEDABOUTIT! We use locally sourced ingredients to create a fantastic pizza. 

We also make our crust and sauce fresh daily to give you a fantastic experience. In addition, for our gluten-free friends, we provide a crust that will make you forget it doesn’t have gluten. 

We don’t leave our dairy-free friends out either. Check out our dairy-free mozzarella on your next pizza pie. 

Don’t Just Google “Idaho Pizza Near Me” 

Googling, “Idaho pizza near me,” will give you a plethora of options, but will they give you the best? If Wise Guys Pizza Pie pops up, the answer is yes. 

Are your taste buds tingling? If you’re ready to get the best pizza around, order online with us today, you won’t regret it.

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