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Wiseguy Pizza Pie is serving up a slice of Pride Month spirit with their special Metro Guy pizza. This isn’t just a pie; it’s a statement piece! Decked out with spicy marinated chicken, arugula that’s as peppery as a good comeback, zesty thin-sliced lemon, caramelized onions sweet enough to win any argument, and a bold splash of feta, all resting on a saucy bed of garlic-olive oil—this pizza screams diversity!

At Wiseguy, they’re serious about their pie-crafting creds. They sling dough the old-school New York way and bake it in stone deck ovens that aren’t just eco-friendly (hello sustainability!), but also crank up the heat to give you that perfectly crisp crust every time. So, this Pride Month, grab a slice of Metro Guy—not just to feed your face, but to celebrate love, equality, and a deliciously inclusive world.

And remember, when you’re munching on that Metro Guy, you’re not just eating a pizza, you’re devouring a piece of art that stands tall for diversity and sustainability. So go ahead, take a bite out of equality!