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Ready to spice up those dreary days and cool nights? Dive into our latest blog at Wiseguy Pizza Pie where we’re winging it with some seriously mouthwatering chicken wings. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more epic, we’ve paired each style of wing with the perfect brew because, let’s face it, wings and beers are like the dynamic duo of your dining experience!

Now, if you’re one to embrace the heat, nothing complements a spicy buffalo wing like a bold IPA. The hoppiness of an IPA, such as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Firestone Union Jack, not only stands up to the spice but elevates it, making each bite an explosion of flavor. On the other hand, if you’re all about kissing that fire goodbye with each gulp, a malty, less hoppy beer like an English Brown Ale or a smooth lager could be your salvation. These beers are all about balancing the spice with their sweet whispers of malt.

But let’s not forget those who like to play it cool with a refreshing Saison or a Belgian Witbier? These beers, with their subtle citrus and spice notes, are like a high five to balance the spicy chicken wings.

Oh, and for those sweet sauce lovers, imagine the heavenly pairing of a rich, savory BBQ wing with the smooth caramel notes of a Brown Ale. It’s like they were made for each other, with the ale’s sweet undertones complementing the smoky goodness of the BBQ sauce.

At Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we’re not just about serving up deliciousness; we’re about creating experiences. So, grab a wing, pick your potion, and let’s make those cloudy days a little brighter with every bite and sip!

For more wing and beer pairings, explore the harmonious relationships between various wing styles and their liquid counterparts​ (VinePair)​​ (Boiled Down Brewing)​​ (Brew App)​​ (Full Glass)​. Whether you’re into kicking up the heat or cooling down with a crisp finish, there’s a perfect beer waiting to join your wing fest. Cheers to that!