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Once upon a time, there was a pizzeria that knew exactly how to place the toppings on a pie. You might ask, why is that so important? Well, let us explain…

Portion quantities and their moisture content are kind of important when creating a pizza. When done correctly it means a great-tasting pizza that isn’t soggy and everything is cooked thoroughly.

Sauce in all the right places

The sauce is usually the first topping to grace the pizza dough. Some Chicago-style pizzerias might start out with cheese- but those are some crazy windy city ways… Anyway, the sauce topping is an art really, spooned just to the edge in a circular motion, allowing for -the perfect Goldilocks situation- not too much, not too little. Just the right amount.

The right amount of cheesiness

Next up is the cheese. While it’s easy to be cheesy, and get a bit carried away, it takes some practice to get the balance just right – Too much cheese and it can become an overpowering gooey mess. Too little and you feel like you were cheated out of something that could have otherwise been fantastic. 

Perfectly topped

Toppings that lay nice and flat are the 3rd ingredient. Meats like Canadian bacon, sliced sausage, and of course the ever-popular pepperoni. The “crumby” guys are up next. These usually consist of ground sausage and beef. Last are the high moisture content foods- pineapples, olives, and other types of fruits and vegetables.

Striking a balance

Portion balance is also important. You never want to go too light or too heavy with your toppings. This tends to cause problems with not only how well everything cooks up but also the clash of flavors if you don’t strike the right balance. A good rule of thumb- the more toppings, decrease your portions.

Leave it to the pros!

So whether you were curious about the process or looking to make your own pie at home- now you know, there’s a little art to this pie-making business. And as always, you can stop by any Wiseguy Pizza Pie and let the pros handle it!

And who knows how to pull this all off? The pizzeria that knows exactly how to build the perfect pie- Wiseguy Pizza Pie!

At Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we don’t cut corners… we cut circles to make them into triangles… Can you imagine trying to eat a circle slice? What a mess!


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