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Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year when the only thing better than a Christmas tree is a Christmas-themed pizza from Wiseguy Pizza Pie! We’re rolling out the red (sauce) carpet with our jolly Christmas Pizza Plan.

  1. The Santa Special

Imagine a pizza that’s as jolly as Santa himself. We’re talking a red sauce base with mozzarella snowflakes, pepperoni reindeer, and a bell pepper sleigh. Don’t forget the olive coal for those on the naughty list!

  1. The Elf’s Delight

This one’s for the veggie lovers. A green pesto base to match the elves’ uniforms, topped with spinach, broccoli, and green peppers. It’s not just festive; it’s magically delicious!

  1. The Frosty Feast

Who says snowmen are only for the yard? Meet our white sauce pizza with mozzarella, feta snow, and black olive buttons. Carrot nose optional but highly recommended!

  1. The North Pole Supreme

This pizza is like a gift from Santa’s own kitchen. A delightful mix of sausage, mushrooms, onions, and extra cheese, with a swirl of cranberry sauce for that sweet holiday twist.

  1. The Rudolph’s Surprise

Red-nosed and tasty! A BBQ chicken pizza with red onions, bacon, and a BBQ sauce swirl. It’ll guide your sleigh of hunger right through the night!

Ready to trade your traditional holiday meal for something more exciting? Join us at Wiseguy Pizza Pie this Christmas season for a pizza party that Santa himself would envy. Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!