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Pizza—it’s an American staple.

Whether you’re hosting a small get-together, having a huge bash, or planning a last-minute hang sesh, pizza is a versatile go-to food that satisfies so many taste buds. That’s why recent USDA reports show that 13% of Americans eat pizza every day!

That number amounts to over 3 billion pizzas sold every year, and another 1 billion frozen pizzas sold in that same timeframe. Americans consume about 23 pounds of pizza every year. These are astounding yet not so surprising numbers. Everyone knows it—pizza is great.

That’s why you’re here to learn about Wiseguy Pizza in Boise, Idaho—a local favorite that draws in guests from all over. What makes our restaurant so delicious? Why do we earn an average Google rating of over four stars? 

Keep reading to find out. We hope you’re hungry!

A Little Bit About What Makes Wiseguy’s So Wise

Who doesn’t love New York-style pizza, right?

The problem is, if you don’t live in New York, you may think you have no options. Are you out of luck?

Not so fast. The makings of a fantastic NY-style pizza—hand-tossed, thin crust with wide slices, solid texture for folding or holding—can be replicated. At Wiseguy’s, we know this pizza is traditional for a reason, and we aim to keep it that way by honoring its ingredients and its makeup.

With ingredients kept simple yet wonderful, you’ll feel like you’re at a hole-in-the-wall after a night out at the clubs. Whole milk mozzarella, a classic tomato sauce, and maybe some fresh oregano flakes, and there you have it. Add toppings at your leisure.

So, what lets our pizza stand out is its authenticity. We strive to bring the best stone-deck pies around—because that’s what we want to eat. Fresh sauce, daily-made dough . . . it doesn’t get much better than Wiseguy Pizza Pie in Boise.

What to Expect From the Menu: Pizza and More

Pizza is fantastic on its own, but we all know a green salad on the side makes it feel a little more sophisticated.

Make sure you’re going to a pizza joint that offers a little something extra, appealing to a wide variety of tastes. At Wiseguy’s, there are salads galore—perfect for your non-pizza-loving friends (shocking, we know!). Consider some of the following options:

  • Classic Caesar salad with romaine lettuce
  • A grilled chicken cobb with bacon, egg, scallions, and Gorgonzola 
  • Greek antipasto with ham, salami, pepperoncini, and more—for a fantastic depth of complex flavors

If you don’t care much for sophistication, keep the finger-lickin’ food coming in the form of some chicken wings. Hot and spicy wings with ranch or bleu cheese are the perfect side for every pizza. Plus, you can always dip your crusts in the ranch. It’s a win-win.

Wiseguy Pizza Pie also has calzones, sandwiches, and even gluten-free crust. Bring the whole family, and don’t fret about the different tastes in your group. There’s something for everyone.

Chase Down Your Pizza With Some Local Brews

Speaking of great combinations, pizza and beer are two peas in a pod.

Both locals and tourists alike will appreciate having local options on tap at their neighborhood pizza joint. Craft beers showcase the area; they’re a beverage-specific to the region and memorable in its uniqueness. When you want to have a special drink, ask for the craft beer menu.

Those who like to keep it traditional, enjoy a wide variety of domestic brews that prove consistency is key. 

Finally, find a spot like Wiseguy’s that offers a few wine options for those who prefer the vino. 

The Buzz About Stone Deck Cooking

Sometimes, you can have the best ingredients on hand, but if you don’t know how to treat them, the final result won’t be as wonderful.

That’s why we cook our pizzas on a stone deck. What’s so great about this method?

Deck ovens are a long-time staple in the pizza world. They’re durable, reliable, and built to last, making them a necessity in pizza restaurants. Stone deck ovens cook a pizza—and other items—at a fast enough speed to deliver products on time but careful enough to cook thoroughly and entirely.

How does it do this? Unlike conventional or convection ovens, stone deck ovens have a flat surface that retains, conducts, and distributes heat, cooking bread evenly. Thanks to its shape—a wide cavity, narrow mouth, and sufficient depth—it can cook pizza in a high-performance way that delivers an unmistakable flavor.

At Wiseguy’s, we use a stone deck oven because that completes the puzzle on New York-style pizza. From our ingredients to our tossing and cooking methods, we keep it authentic. You’ll have to stop by to see.

Get a Slice of Life at Wiseguy Pizza in Boise, Idaho

At Wiseguy Pizza Pie, we know and love pizza.

It’s our specialty, our passion, and our life. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist—and a lover of New York-style pizza—you’ll appreciate our freshly-made dough, natural ingredients, and stone deck cooking technique. We take pride in our product and provide you with all the options you need to make your meal fantastic. 

Don’t just take our word for it; let the pizza speak for itself.

Need half-baked pies to cook for later? In the mood for just a slice or two? Want one pizza to share with the family? 

We’ve got you covered. Come see us at 570 Main Street, Boise, 83702, for all your pizza needs.

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